LICM Introduces Language Immersion for Kids

I love taking the kids to the Long Island Children's Museum, however it can be taxing at times.  We try to go during the week or at the end of the day when the school groups have gone.  While reading this week's email newsletter, a new program caught my eye and wanted to share it with you.  If you go, please let me know how you enjoyed the program.  My son is in school at this time so we won't be able to attend.  :( 

Language Immersion at LICM
Tuesday, November 20 from 11:30 a.m. to noon

Children's language skills develop rapidly, absorbing everything they hear. Why not introduce another language to your child while they are young and receptive to new things? Join us while we explore basic themes in French in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Workshops are drop in and do not require advance sign up.

A class project and song will be used each week to reinforce learning. Take home activities will also be distributed at the end of each class. This week's programming will introduce children to colors and numbers.
Ages: 3–5. Fee: $3 with museum admission ($2 LICM members).

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