I Need 4 More Years of Michelle Obama

I am on pins and needles over here.  Like you, I am tired of all of the political ads.  I'm glad the debates are over.  That last one was a snoozer, but interesting all at the same time.  But let me get right down to the nitty gritty. My husband is a politician.  My 4-year old was answering questions on economic policy on Brain Pop this morning.  My daughter wanted to watch a debate tonight.  What have we done?

Regardless of what party you follow or don't, I'm following the Michelle Obama party. Ann Romney seems like a lovely woman, but I totally admire FLOTUS.  Being married to the President is a bonus, but she has really put her stamp on what a First Lady should be.

While I do not share my political affiliations on this page...I don't think, I need her in the spotlight for four more years.  Here's why....

She is a great role model for us who have young children.  Raising two daughters in the White House under the watchful eye of America has got to be tough.  Raising children under the scrutiny of family, neighbors, etc. is hard enough but she has done it with grace and her girls are a joy to watch the minimal times they have been on TV.

She has done so much for military families.  I have many relatives who are in the military and I can only imagine what they go through during deployment.  She has brought their lives to the front lines and I'm sure they appreciate knowing that they have a friend in the White House.

Michelle Obama has brought at-risk girls and boys into the White House to be mentored by White House officials.  How awesome is that?  Who gets that opportunity?  Usually the rich or well connected, not the at-risk boys and girls.  This exposure could totally change their paths in life.  That's the impact I want to make on the at-risk youth in my community.

The Let's Move campaign has changed the lives of so many children.  It's changed my children's lives.  They are interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables. Childhood obesity is finally on the minds of Americans.  Our children are eating healthier lunches at school thanks to Michelle Obama.  You may not like it now, but in the long run it will help our children.

She is a stunning woman in her appearance, but to be in great shape at her age, 45, is definitely inspiring to me, 40.  I start the week with the notion of going to a Yoga class, Zumba class, or to lift some weights to tone my arms.  However, I have become pretty good at talking myself out of it each week.  I need her to continue to be my role model on those days when I say I can't, but see her doing it.

She is a woman that our daughters should aspire to follow.  She didn't come from means, but came from a hard working family.  She worked her way academically into Yale University and Harvard Law School.  She saw her brother get accepted into Yale University and said, "I can get in if he can get in."  She spoke life into her words and saw them come to pass.  Shouldn't our children do the same?  Yes they should.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop now because this is not a political blog, nor do I want it to become one.

Please vote regardless of what political party you are apart of.  Your voice does count.

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