Pre-Halloween Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend is here and although the threat of Hurricane Sandy is in front of us, I say do as much as you can with the kids this weekend before we're potentially confined to our homes for a day or so.  Be safe and be sure to stock up on batteries, candles, non perishables, and of course water.  Be safe out there! Be sure to stop by the Nassau County official page for hurricane preparedness.

The Halloween Happenings page has been updated with all of the kid-friendly events happening nearby.  If you want to do the Fall Festival thing, you can see those listings here.  But also be sure to check out the calendar which automatically updates daily.

The kids will start getting candy at various events this weekend.  Be sure to read this article for 7 Tips for Parents to Ensure a Safe Halloween for Kids: via HuffPost.

Tickets are still available to the 2nd Annual "Wear it Again" Costume Party.  Specific information will be coming out this weekend including how you can win tickets, vendor information, activities, etc.  It will be THE place to be on Sunday, November 4th.  Don't miss it!

Happy Friday!


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