College Campus Visits: Must Ask Questions

By: Carline Dumerlin-Folkes
Co-Author of Miss University

College is a huge educational and financial commitment. It is highly recommended that you visit various college campuses before applying and making a final decision on where to attend. If your high school offers college tours, be sure to take advantage of them. Sign up for as many as you can. Another way to visit a college campus would be to inquire about open house dates on the college’s website. A third option would be to call the Admissions Department to arrange for a private tour. Lastly, if a college you are interested in is thousands of miles away from home; the website will allow you to experience a virtual tour. Keep in mind, that current college students usually give tours since they can offer a genuine, first-hand account of how the college experience truly is.  Below are some questions to ask on a campus visit:

Questions Students Should Ask:

1. How many students attend this college?
2. What are the dorms like? Ask if you can visit a model dorm.
3. What social activities are available for students?
4. What is the biggest complaint students have about this college?
5. What is in place to help freshman students transition into college?
6. How do I go about selecting classes my freshman year? Will I have an advisor?

Questions Parents Should Ask:

1. What is the 2-year (Community College) or 4-year (University) graduation rate?
2. How successful are the graduates from this college?
3. What types of academic supports are in place to support students?
4. What types of scholarships does the college offer and how can my child apply? 
5. What is safety like on this campus?

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