All Boys Playdate: Have I Lost My Mind?

I have a lot of friends with children, but most of them are parents to girls.  I just somehow seem to make friends with others better who have girls.  The fact that my first child is a girl could be a factor, but 4 years ago that changed.  So has my world.  I’m not quite sure how to nurture a boy who is a boy’s boy.  I mean he is a sweetheart and can make your heart melt with some of the things he says while he tilts his head to the side and flashes his daddy-inherited wide grin. But he’s a rough and tough little boy who could stand to be roughed up just a little bit more.

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After attending an outdoor, backyard birthday party I noticed that my son was missing the rumble and tumble part of his boyhood.  His older sister has a pretty dominant personality and at times he will take her word over mine.  Bad choice on his part, but I’ll deal with that later.  I’ve been thinking of inviting all of the boys from his class over to the house to play outside in our backyard.  I’m not sure how his girly classmate’s parents will handle it, but hopefully they’ll totally understand.  I’m doing this for my boy.  No disrespect.  I could even make it a potluck.  Bring a dish, get some good, free playtime out of the deal, make a few friendships and go home.

Good idea or bad?

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