Thursday Is The New Monday

Each Monday morning I log onto Facebook to see all the Monday blah/blues postings from friends, associates and some who I don't know HOW I know.  It got to the point where I was like, really people?  Get over it.  I can do Monday with no problem.  The day I've begun to dislike greatly is Thursday.  Why? Thursday is my Monday.  I get out of the bed with no problem.  It's what happens the rest of the day that has me all wackadoodle.

I am tiring of the morning routine.  The constant challenge hubby and I get from both kids who attempt daily to go rogue from the a.m. ritual.  Get up, pee, get dressed.  That's all they have to worry about.  Their clothes are cleaned for them.  They are ironed...okay, sometimes.  They don't even have to brush their hair.  I still wipe butts on occasion, the little one anyway.  I'm not too confident that he can clean his toosh after going pooh.  I'm not there yet. As soon as they rise, the hungry monster invades the kid's bodies and the first thing they say is, "I'm hungry.  I want to eat."  Well, duh aren't we all?  However, 1 out of 2 eats like a snail.  Once we get them downstairs to the breakfast table, it's hard to get them back upstairs to get dressed.  This is why we get dressed first and then go down to eat.  But noooooo!  They ALWAYS want to go down first.  Well, it ain't happnin' and yes, Valley Stream Daughter, Momma said "ain't."
Back to the Thursday thing.  Once the kids are off to school, I get 3.5 hours to do my thing.  After I pick up Valley Stream Son, we have one hour to mill around before he goes to the all boys gym class in Rockville Centre.  Today, we stopped by U-Nique Cutz in Lynbrook for a hair cut which filled part of the hour.  There are a couple of nice young men in the there.  I learned more about my new "Momma Mobile" and that it's better to use Premium vs. the mid grade gas.  The gym class lasts for an hour which begins at 2p and ends at 3p.  Ordinarily, I would have to jet home to meet the school bus which arrives 25 minutes after the gym class ends but thanks to my neighbor's mom, she has agreed to pick up VS Daughter from the bus stop.  Crisis averted!

One would hope that was it, right?  It's not.  We have one hour to do homework, clean up a little, and head back out to tennis lessons for an hour.  What about dinner you ask?  Last week it was KFC but this week I planned ahead and cooked dinner in the crock pot.  Go mom!  This is a lifesaver especially after the hungry monster rears it's ugly head AGAIN the moment we get back into the car after tennis.  Many times, if not most, he sneaks into my kid's minds and tries every week to get me to buy junk food out of the vending machine.  I can hold him at bay for 20 minutes but food better be nearby.  If not, the stress monster rears it's ugly head in me.

The night time routine comes with the same complaints every night.  The "I don't wanna's" and "why do I havta's" come from them. These kids really have nothing to complain about.  They have it made and don't even realize it.  That's content for another blog post.

I'm close to being one of those over scheduled parents and my son isn't even fully active yet.  How did this happen?  Time for tennis.  Gotta go!

What's your busiest day of the week and why?

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