Is This How ALL Boys Act?

Valley Stream Son was almost killed this weekend.  Well, that's what he would tell you.  We were at a birthday party in North Valley Stream where he found himself in the bouncy with a few other little boys, some younger and a year or so older than he.  The boys may or may not have known one another but they were pretty comfortable with rough housing and all.  They were wrestling and no one appeared to be getting hurt so their moms let them be.

Valley Stream Son entered the bouncy and stood back a bit in awe of what he was watching.  I was watching him to see what he was going to do.  He inched in a bit, and began to play with the boys.  I think I even saw my son do the Hulk Hogan type drop-elbow move I've seen on these fake wrestling shows.  Do they still air those?

He isn't around many little boys often with the exception of school.  However, I doubt the boys are able to wrestle the way I think 4 year olds wrestle on the playground at a Catholic school.  I have four nephews but moved away when they were all young.  I've only heard how boys play.  I grew up with two sisters.  We didn't play like that, at least not that I recall. Most of my mommy friends have either older children or little girls.

My son found himself at the bottom of a pile of kids and was crying pretty hard when he came out.  Of course, I was there to console him, but minutes later he went back in.  I was totally confused.

I do best with girls so this boy thing is outta my league.

Is this how boys are?

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  1. yes! I feel your pain - I have 9 and 10 year old boys - it's all about being physical and testing their limits - no quiet, gentle play here! Definitely enough to make a mom crazy. Best thing to do is to watch closely and make sure they know when to stop before someone or they get hurt - when they feel pain, they will stop! Sometimes the aggression needs to come out or they will never settle down to sleep. Keep that boy very active - sports, biking, running around the yard, esp. after dinner and before bed. Tire him out and you'll be a happy mommy. :)

  2. Yes! I have a 13 and 7 year old as well as nephews of similar age. Boys are rough! I tell my kids and nephews that heads/necks are off limits, and do a lot of praying.

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  5. Thank you for stopping by! I hope we keep you coming back.