First Grade Already?

As I sit here updating my blog, it finally hit me.  I have a first grader.  A young lady who did so well in Kindergarten last year and makes me have not one worry about her performance this year.  I had butterflies in my belly last year.  Mostly because of the whole bus ride thing.  I actually drove her to school the first day or so, but the traffic helped me decide really quickly about putting her on the bus that stopped directly in front of our house.  Yes, I was being ridiculous.  I was being a mom.

We met the Principal, Dr. Steele last week as well as her teacher during a visit to the school.  I'm at ease with how good the schools are here in Valley Stream.  It's one of the reasons we moved here. Everywhere I go, people speak highly about her school.  That's just what I need to hear.

With all of this talk about healthy lunches, healthy kids from First Lady Michelle Obama I checked out the menus from last year and was pleasantly surprised.  The children in our community are lucky to have parents and a school administration who care about what our children eat.  I still plan to pack her lunch and will allow her to buy lunch one day of the week.

I am not emotional about the first day of school the way I was last year.  I'm going to save that for my little one next year who will start Kindergarten.  That's when it gets real.  No more babies when they start Kindergarten.  Time flies by doesn't it?.  I've been home with the kids since our oldest was 12 months old.  She's almost 7 years old now.  It wasn't in my career plan, but things happen for a reason.

It's been suggested that when the youngest starts Kindergarten, I should wrap my mind about going back to work.  Really?  Really.  We'll see about that.

If you work from home, what home based business have you invested in?

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