First Day of Pre-K & The Soggy Lunch

I'm beginning to wonder now who should be more excited about the first day of school.  Me or them?  It was as if the first day of Pre-K for my youngest was no big deal.  I am not sure why, but it was like another day to him.  He did attend the same school last year for nursery school, and the year before his big sister attended the same classroom he is now assigned to.

Like all of the other first-time Pre-K'ers, he lined up against the wall and patiently waited until the door opened.  Once it did, he didn't look back to say, "Bye Mommy!" nor did he blow me a kiss.  My feelings were hurt.  Or should they be?

I guess on the flip side, my husband and I should high-5 one another for preparing him for school and to be independent.  We should high-5 one another for raising a child who is secure in his surroundings, for providing him a safe and nurturing environment in which to send him to school each day.  Some families don't even have that as an option.

I was a bit worried with him eating lunch in the classroom this year.  He LOVES some PB&J and the school he attends is a peanut-free facility.  Oy.  I sent him to school with a jelly sandwich on wheat bread, Kraft Poly-O cheese stick, Motts apple sauce cup, Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers, Poland Spring water bottle, and Minute Maid mixed berry juice.  Oh, he ate all of his lunch.  He did have some crackers left over.  I'm sure it's because he had a snack provided by the class.  What he forgot to do was toss his containers into the garbage.  There was a little juice left in the box which leaked into his lunchbox.  When I opened it, I discovered a goopy mess.  Hmm...maybe he's not used to throwing his own trash away.  Now THAT is my fault.  Time for some tough love.

I immediately went to Toys 'R Us for a thermos.  Fail.  I'll be on the hunt for one tomorrow.

$0.75 off one Minute Maid Juice Box 10-pk $1.00 off Pepperidge Farm Jingos!™ crackers

I bought these containers with the pull off lid (before I new I had a coupon) and I can just imagine his lunch spilling all over him.  I may suggest buying the screw off lids for little hands.  I hope the teachers help when it's time to take them off.

$1.00 off any two Ziploc brand Containers


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