Equation for Sweet Dreams - Children's Decor

By combining some adorable animals, a couple of quarts of paint and an overly-excited pregnant chick you get something amazing: inspiration for art. My customer fell in love with the baby jungle animals on the bedding for her soon-to-be-daughter's nursery and thought a matching mural would be a perfect fit to the room.  She wanted the animals to look cute and to stay within a certain budget.  The process began with some sketches I created based on the photographs of the bedding.  Once it was approved, we mapped out a floor plan as to where she wanted her furniture.  Upon finalization, I went to work by adding the baby animals in soft, pastel colors on the walls and tied the room together with a striped accent wall.  As a small token of my appreciation, I painted a wooden light switch plate to match, which reads "Sweet Dreams" on the bottom.  I can't wait to see the room after the furniture is in and it is decorated!
A nursery is a great place to start little ones on their way to discovering a world of imagination right in their own bedroom or playroom.  When choosing a mural theme, think about how long you would like it to be in the child’s room. Some families have one nursery that they use for all their children, but some will use the same room and have to re-paint it as the child gets older. If that is the case, it is important to choose a theme that can grow with your child.  Babies love to look at primary colors, and they are intrigued by designs of contrasting colors and stripes. Painting your baby's nursery may be challenging, however, there are so many ideas to choose from to make the room a stylish.  Anything from sport themes, nursery rhymes, flowers and trees, clouds, and so much more. The possibilities are endless as your imagination. 

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  1. I think as you said, it's a great idea to bring a the nursery to the child before he/she is actually able to go to nursery because when the time time comes it's not a huge move for them. I think using wall stickers for kids is a great idea to achieve this. Do you agree?