"Sometimes Losing is the Lesson" - Mamas Against Drama

I totally agree with Mamas Against Drama  after reading one her posts entitled, "Sometimes Losing is the Lesson". It's Olympic week/month or whatever and my family has been rootin' and tootin' for the USA all week.  When the USA doesn't win, one of the kids will boo the team that did.  Insert teachable moment here.  I have been telling the kids to congratulate the person/team who wins regardless of the flag they fly, and that the other team should work harder and try again next time.  Begrudgingly one says, "Oh, alright..." and then mutters in inaudible congratulations.

I personally don't want to raise sore losers.  Valley Stream Daughter once played soccer, and not very well I might add.  She now takes tennis lessons.  I don't know how far she'll go with this but at least she'll have great legs and be physically fit.  Valley Stream Son will begin playing baseball (dad has a mean hit) in a year or so and is a mean Soccer Goalie....in our back yard.  He actually wants to be Goalie so watch out for the future Goalie Thomas blockin' your kid's ball.

Personally, I don't think I'll be one of those parents complaining about time on the field, or on the turf.  Whatever.  I was a cheerleader.  I don't recall every playing a team sport unless you count track. I ran hurdles with the McTigue Junior High School Track Team and we came in Top 3 in every race thanks to Alicia Glover, Andrea Goings, and Kim Johnson (that's me).  I'm realistic enough to realize when my kid isn't talented or have a natural capability in something.  I am not living my life through them.  We want to expose our kids to a little bit of everything in hopes of discovering what they are good at or enjoy doing.  Oh, and what brings them scholarship money be it academic or sports.  So far in the sports "plus" category, Valley Stream Daughter enjoys tennis and is good at it according to her coach.  In the "negative" category we have soccer.  In the "to do" category is basketball which I keep hearing.  This is hard for me to accept being that I was a cheerleader.  Again, this is not about me.

Anyhoo, take a peak at this article and let me know your thoughts.

Are you one of "those" parents?


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