Sell/Buy Used Kids Clothing & Toys: Local Options

Guest Blogger: Linda Scruggs 
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Sell/Buy Used Kids Clothing & Toys: Local Options

I am on a continuous and often unsuccessful quest to de-clutter my home.  Between my 4-year-old son and my 1-year-old daughter, I seem to be failing miserably.  At night, I sometimes look over at the large pile of toys that have acquired a large corner in my living room and see those toys all staring back at me.  I swear it is as if the toys are taunting me - sitting there in an "organized pile".  I know deep down an organized pile is an oxymoron, so I decided to take action! 

I often donate, but this time I decided to try some local shops that sell and buy gently used kids clothing and toys.  Along with some pieces of clothing that were in excellent, like-new condition with no stains, I also managed to grab some toys that were no longer being used.  I have tried each of the stores listed below multiple times and present my overall experience for each. 

Once Upon A Child (Seaford)

The location in Seaford is very busy.  Each time I have sold items, I have signed my name into a book and had a wait between 10 - 35 minutes.  While waiting to see what items they would accept to buy, I have looked around to see what they are selling.  The store itself is overstuffed.  The clothing racks are organized, but very full.  The larger toys (ride-on, push toys, exersaucers) are sitting up high on a top shelf above the clothing.  It was not an issue to see them but you have to ask a store clerk for help to get the item down to really get a good look at it. 

+ I purchased a used Fisher Price Learning Home toy for $35.00 (retails for $89.99) in perfect condition.  The items they sell are priced very reasonably and you can really get a great deal even on an exersaucer or stroller.  They have a very large selection of items.
+ Great selection of books can be found and are priced at $1.50...a huge savings from buying them new at Barnes & Noble or at Target. 
+ Quick turnaround: if you want something and don't see it one day, there is a good chance it will be there if you frequently go back.
+ I have called the store in advance looking for a specific item (so I didn't waste a trip) and they were very helpful and willing to hold it for me until later in the day.
+ Most of my items have been accepted for purchase including baby shoes.

- The price they pay for your item is not much.  I had brought a brand-new Under Armor track suit with tags and they offered $4.50 for it.  I decided to keep it instead.  You'll be disappointed if you expect more than about $3.00 - $5.00 per item you sell.  On the flip side, I have purchased many used toys in excellent condition for $4.00 and up. 
- The store is cluttered and you will likely have to wait to be helped.

Marshmallow Kids located in Mineola

A smaller selection than Once Upon A Child, but very clean, organized, and not crowded.  The owner has been extremely nice each time I have visited.  It is more relaxed and in my experience, she judges the items she accepts carefully. 
+ Clothing is organized, well-priced, and a very good selection without having to search through messy racks. 
+ Low-key store with friendly owner and very well-maintained. 
+ Less is more.  All items appeared to be in good condition and you can find what you are looking for without having to wait.
- Parking can be a little tricky (metered).
- Not a huge selection so if you are looking for a particular item, you may have better luck elsewhere.

Kidz Stuff 
I have visited this store the same amount of times as the other two listed above.  Each time I have found the store to have many items, but quality can really vary.  The owner has been nice, but the store is the least organized of the 3 I have mentioned.
+It is in Valley Stream, it is local!
+Items that likely would not be accepted elsewhere depending on the condition, may be accepted here.
+ Items are priced very reasonable.
- Pieces you bring in will be bought at a very low price. I sold a brand-new baby tub and received $2.00.  $2.00?!
- Parking can a little difficult.
- The store and items could probably benefit from a cleaning.  I came across a few items I was interested in but the condition was not gently used but very used. 

Is it worth it? If you are looking to clear out some space and/or buy some items, it is worth a shot.  I have had great luck buying used toys and have saved A LOT of money that way.  As far as selling items, I think I still prefer to donate. :)


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