Reading Nook: Got One?

My friend redecorated her personal "quiet room" where the week before was reserved for just her, quiet times with her husband, and our mommy-girlfriend gatherings. The week before she shared how stressed she was after her beloved requested that she create a syllabus for the twins.  "Don't I already have enough on my plate being home with them?" is what she really wanted to ask beloved.

A few of us talked her off of the invisible mommy ledge giving her alternative ideas to this syllabus nonsense. Men need to know that certain words and phrases set us off as we are already in a stressful job as a stay at home moms.

Instead of creating and writing out a syllabus, it was suggested that she send him an update of the learning they encountered during the day. The group suggested she take a nature walk or backyard excursion to see what the twins discover. That's  Science 101 right there, buddy.

I invite my stinkers to help me select vegetables and fruits while grocery shopping as we discuss how healthy each item is and how much it costs, etc. I believe that covers health, numbers, shapes, and colors.

When we returned to her home the following week, we noticed this cute little reading nook. She took two existing chairs in her home and bought a rug from Target. She pulled in two bins of books creating a cozy corner for two fostering a love for reading.  Doesn't this nook look cozy?

A trip to the library will also encourage reading, imagination, and learning.  As long as children are constantly learning about the world around them, who needs a darned syllabus?

Hopefully this will satisfy her beloved up for now. Syllabus? Ha!!

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