Back To School Shopping - Will It End?

The title is a bit misleading because I'm sure we're all read to send the kids back to school for learning, and our peace of mind.  I just sent mine to Ohio for two whole weeks for my personal well being and to spend a little alone time with Valley Stream Dad.  We have a week filled with "to-do's" and one of them is to buy school supplies, clothes, and other crap they need.

*Note: If you haven't received your school supply list, call your school. Here is the link to the VS schools and their websites.

48154_All the supplies you need for the office, school and home at
Shop from your home/desk and with $50 or more in purchases, shipping is FREE!

While walking through the mall, I ran into my dear friend from Staples who told me that the store is having a huge .$10 sale on the composition books that Valley Stream Daughter needed last year at for Kindergarten at Willow Avenue School. She needed 2-3 of them and I pretty much think most elementary schools use them.  Stock up!  I'm going to head on over this afternoon (after my spa treatment at Nordstrom) to check out the supply.  Also on sale are pencil cases, 2.0z. hand sanitizer and pencil sharpeners for $.50.  Where is the cent key?
What are some of the basic school supplies requested from most schools?

#2 Pencils (Office max has a 10-pack for $.10)
Expo Dry Erase markers
Hand Sanitizer (8 oz.)
Elmers Glue Sticks (3 pk) ($2.00 at Target)
Fiskars Scissors (I found them at Walmart for either $1.47 two weeks ago) Washable Crayons by Crayola (usually the 24 pack)
2 boxes of tissue
1-2 boxes of Clorox wipes
Two Pocket Folders
Pencil Case (scored mine for $.57 at Walmart)
I promise to keep my children's supply lists from now on.  You do the same and send it to me so we can help new families.

Is there something I'm missing from the list?  If so, please comment below.

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