This Week In Valley Stream

Summer is in full swing and it's turning my stomach seeing all of the "Back to School" sales popping up. Can we just enjoy the summer without constantly being reminded that school starts in less than 60 days?

The family and I took a trip to Toys R's Us Saturday for a few things and can you believe they already had lunchboxes on sale!!! Yes, I bought one and now I see why the pickings are slim in August. Don't sleep people. Get your school gear NOW! 

Summer feels alot like the school year. I think I'm more exhausted NOW than I am September thru June. I'm getting two kids to camp three days a week at 9 a.m. During the school year one is out by 7:10a and the other by 9a. Getting them both out at the same time to two different camps is HARD! Not to mention we were down to one car last week so I had to drive Valley Stream Dad 80 miles (40 in the a.m and 40 in the p.m.) each day for 4 days. Thank God for the holiday to break up the week. My cold I brought back from Indiana last Sunday turned into severe laryngitis leaving me mute for the last 4 days. Literally.  I can now speak, sparingly.

In addition to camp, the kids take swim lessons from our teen neighbors twice a week for 30 mins., and attend classes at Hofstra Saturdays.  This week, Valley Stream Daughter will begin art classes. There is no summer relaxation going on over here. At. All.  What have I done!??

I have so much to catch up on like cashing in on my spa gift certificates to combat the stress building up in me.  No time like the present.

Here's what's going on in and around Valley Stream this week. It's all on the calendar or on the Library Links so if you can't find it, just click the link below.

Summer Sports Skills Camp for Teens
Flag Football & Basketball

Henry Waldinger Library Events
Totally Tykes
Toddlers & Tots I & II
Young Adult Lego Creativity Night
Story Craft/Story Craft Jr.
Family Game Night

Valley Stream Pool Complex Events:

Children's Movies at the Pool
I am trying my best to find out what the movie listing is for tonight.  Stay tuned!

Valley Stream Youth Council Teen Dance will include swimming, free food, access to mini golf and more!  Entrance is required with a member of the VS Youth Council. See here to join the Youth Council.  


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