Thinking Ahead...Way Ahead: Retirement

Retirement Communities Georgia Cresswind at Lake Lanier

Valley Stream son will be turning into a 4 year old this week and boy is he pretty stoked about that.  He was due to arrive on my maternal grandfather’s birthday, but he made an early arrival on my dad’s birthday.  My dad will be turning into a 70 year old and has finally decided to retire.  Finally.  I sat back the other day and thought about the age difference between my dad and I.  He is 30 years my senior.  In 30 years I will be 70.  Reality hit.  I also wonder where I’ll be physically and mentally in 30 years.  He has his wits about him.  I have mine about me.  When he was 40, he had a 13, 10, and 7 year old daughter.  Me?  I have a 6 and 4 year old.  I’m a little behind the game. Maybe he was ahead of the game.  Either way, retirement age is closer now than birth. 

My dad and my mom spoke of buying a condo. They traded in their four bedroom high ranch home to live in a three bedroom ranch years ago.  My two sisters and I moved out and started our lives so there were no longer any kids to run up and down the stairs retrieving things.  Now that my two are of age, I too do the same.  LOL.  The condo would release them of any yard work, maintenance work, etc.  Just what one needs in retirement.  Less work.  I personally wouldn’t mind living in a retirement community.  Not facility.  Community.  I can see Valley Stream Dad and I living in a community like Retirement Communities Georgia Cresswind Lake at Lanier  where we would join the bowling, tennis, and fishing clubs with our neighbors chatting about our grand kids over a glass of wine.   Waking up to a plowed driveway/walkway is ideal, when we’re not travelling Europe or the Caribbean of course.  

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