Summerfest Astronomy @ Ally Pond Park

Cosmo Shibuya Planetarium - Tokyo 

I think one of the most calming experiences is laying on the ground looking up at the nighttime sky.  If it weren't for the mosquitoes, spiders, and all things insect, I would do it.  Darn the things you become aware of as an adult.

One of the most memorable class trips I took when I was a Toledo kid was the trip to The University of Toledo's Astronomy department.  We sat back in our seats to look up at the nighttime sky.  Wow.  Amazing.  Funny, but I've been wanting to expose the kids to this same experience I had and found a program on Long Island at the Vanderbilt Planetarium but unfortunately, Valley Stream Son was too young at the time.  Unfortunately for you, the planetarium is currently closed this summer through October 2012 for updates.  Hoftstra University has an observatory as well as a program for kids.  We just missed the spring program but there will be another program available in September.  I think I'll put that on my "to do" list.

I think I have a future astronomer in my home.  Valley Stream Son loves to sleep with his turtle lights on with the door shut.  Each night after storytime, we search for the moon amongst the stars and he finds it everytime.  It's our thing.  Isn't it the little things that matter most?

Summerfest Astronomy with Mark Freilich @ Ally Pond Park
Saturday, June 23, 8pm–10pm.
228-06 Northern Blvd (near Cross Island Pkwy)
(718) 229-4000 

$12, children ages 7–12 $7
Music & Astronomy Under the Stars Concerts (West Hempstead, East Islip, and Farmingdale)
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