It's Graduation Day in Valley Stream

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2012!  All three of Valley Stream's public high schools are graduating today at 5 p.m.  and Valley Stream Christian Academy is hosting their ceremony at 7 p.m.   All ceremonies will be held on their respective school grounds.  Be sure to drink/take lots of water and maybe even a fan.  It will be hot.  And...don't do like the kid who lost his pants at my cousins graduating ceremony last year.  He held up his hands to say something like "I did it," and his pants fell down.  I'm pretty sure it was planned.  He was quickly escorted out of the arena.  It was pretty funny though.

Yes, you're done with high school, but the majority of you will be embarking on a new phase of life called college debt, I mean college, in August/September.  Enjoy your summer.  The easy part of life is over.  Reality will be settling in shortly.  Enjoy!!  :)

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