Doggie Delights by Miss Dior

We don't have a dog, but my kids are plotting their plan to get one just about every week.  I can actually see their wheels turning.  Just last week, my son suggested that Daddy, who has bad allergies towards cats and dogs, stay at work so we can have a dog.  Another time, the same child asked if Daddy could stay at his mom's house so we could have a dog.  Yes, I have to work with my kids in the compassion and understanding department, but aren't all kids a work in progress?

A few weeks ago during the opening of the new Valley Stream Dog Park, one lucky Valley Stream dog was presented with the Chickenlicious Delights by Atlanta's "Doggie Delights by Miss Dior."  Kia Dior Edwards, a dear friend of mine, is the founder/chef with her furry friend serving as the official taste tester.
Doggie Delights by Miss Dior creates healthy, homemade dog biscuits and treats for the tail-wagging foodies in your life.  These treats are sure to delight any pooch's palate!  Miss Dior's Doggie Delights are oven baked, healthy human food grade ingredients that are simply "dog-gone" good for canine companions.  All treats are hand rolled, cut, and baked with love!

Featured Delight Flavors include Chickenlicious, B&J, Cheesy Chedda-bone, BBQ-Bone, and Chicken Pawmesean.  How cute are these names????

Doggie Delights by Miss Dior
Contact: (678) 272-7148 
Shipping is available
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1 dozen for $10
2 dozen for $15

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