My Issue with Target

If you haven't heard, Target will be closing for expansion at the end of the month.  At first, I was a little saddened after hearing this news.  I prefer the Target in Westbury, but of course ours is much closer and is pretty decent.  It provides the basic necessities for my family and I, and is a great place to find deals on household items.  Target is one of the only places I can run to, if needed, first thing in the morning right after the bus picks up my daughter, whereas everything else opens after 10 a.m.  What am I going to do?  That's not my issue, however. 

First, I know that it will be closing and if you read the local newspaper, you know as well.  If you don't read the paper or this blog you will never know that Target is closing.  I recently visited a few days ago and saw no signage announcing it's nearly 6-month closure.  Shouldn't you alert your shoppers?  Not only is there no signage, it appears that the shelves are not being restocked.  I went in looking for a few personal items and was disappointed that neither were available.  What's THAT about?  The good thing is that there seem to be more sale items than usual. make the previous matters worse, as I left the Pizza Hut counter which we HAVE to visit EVERY TIME I go with one or both children for a "red slushy," I noticed a security guard checking receipts before letting customers exit.  WHAT's THAT ABOUT?  The only place I am okay showing my receipt as I exit is BJ's.  They don't give out bags so to prevent cashier errors or theft.  They randomly select an item in your cart to make sure it has been purchased and then punch your receipt.  If I'm with my 3 year old, the employee punches a Mickey Mouse into the receipt.  Having the mindset that I have, I looked at the security guard as I headed toward the Target exit and kept it moving.  I non-verbally told him, I dare you to ask me to show proof that I bought the items in my cart.  Really?  If the store has issues with loss prevention, hire more plain clothed security guards to walk the aisles.

I don't want to feel as if I live in a community where I feel as if I'm being asked to provide proof that I purchased the items in my cart after having just walked 10 steps from the cashier where I handed my Am/Ex to make the purchase.

Target, get it together or I'll be shopping elsewhere in November when you re-open.

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