We're Going to the #Fresh Beat Band Concert Today!

Today, I'm putting on my rock star jacket, and taking my loco legs on over to the NYCB Theatre at Westbury to the Fresh Beat Band concert.  My kids are totally clueless and I love it.  I'm pretty proud of myself for not spilling the beans even when I wanted to hold it over their heads during a less than angelic tantrum.  Tickets are available on Stub Hub for $300 - $800.  Are they CRAZY??  We bought ours for about $50 each.  Yesterday there were 3 tickets in Row for $300 a pop and now they're gone.  Really?

I admit that the Nick Jr. hit show is a bit annoying, but the music totally rocks.  There's just something about  31 (Twist), 26 (Kiki),  27 (Marina), and Shout (approximately 30) year old adults dressed in skirts, leggings, and tight, collegiate sweaters acting the way they do that irritates me.  Do the kids realize they're watching adults act like kids?  But my kids love them so I have to act like I do as well.  What's best is that my little 3 year old rocker practically knows every song.  In full disclosure, I personally like "A Friend Like You" and we all rock out to "Just Like A Rock Star" available at Target.

Had it not been for a dear friend and Valley Stream Mom, we wouldn't be going to the concert.  As the FBB's sing, "Friends Give Friends A Hand."  I had no idea they were officially on tour.  Hubby and I were going to surprise the kids with a trip to the U.S. Open here in NY for Kids Day where the Fresh Beat Band were performing.  But then Hurricane Irene put a stop to that.  Doggone it!  Good thing I didn't tell them about the FBB'until I was questioned for the umptillionth time, "Mommy, when are WE gonna see the Fresh Beat Band?"  I can't wait to say when we approach the theatre, "Today!"  Big cheers for mommy, daddy and my friend, Tammy!

Click for info and location on FBB CD signing on Monday!

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