Unique Ways to Decorate #Easter Eggs

I admit, I find egg decorating a bit boring and had plans to get out of it this year.  I still have the unopened Paas box from last year.  I don't think my kids ever knew I had it in the house.  However, I love unique and creative ideas so we just may decorate some this year.  Here are a few ideas from RD and Parents.com for you and your little ones.

I love the whole strawberry thing but I'm not sure how you would easily cut a whole in a plastic egg.

This would be a great hor's douvres for an Easter brunch.

 Way too cute!  See how here.

Perfect for you 70's babies

See more ways to decorate eggs here.  Stay tuned to adorable place settings for children just in time for your Easter celebration.

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  1. These are all really cute ideas! The strawberry eggs are my favorite! I will definitely keep them in mind for next year.