I'm 40 Today

A few weeks before our wedding, my husband and I were counseled by my then Pastor Marvin Winans.  Yes, he's the official who married and eulogized Whitney Houston. He told us don't expect much to change the day after you get married.  Other than a few creaky bones that met me the day after I turned 30 and found their way into the 40s, I expect to wake up pretty much the same.  I don't expect a big sha-bang today.  Business as usual, however my 6 year old says she's going to make me a crown and a paper phone.  I'm not sure where she got the idea for a paper phone but I'll accept all gifts.  Both kids have been telling everybody my age like it's nothing.  I can't wait for them to turn 40. 

I must say that I'm proud of what I have accomplished over the last 30 years.  I also look forward to the next decade and beyond.  Some people dread turning older.  Me?  I don't.  Why you ask?  I had a dear childhood friend who never made it to 28.  He died of an asthma attack in front of his small children.  This is why I ask my husband to carry his inhaler everywhere he goes.  As a matter of fact, my friend's birthday is today, or yesterday by the time you read this post.  I thank God every year for allowing me to see another year. 

Accomplishments in my 30s:

I was proposed to by a wonderful man.
Halle is 40+
I got married.

I moved to New York where I currently reside.

I gave birth to two healthy children.

We bought two homes.

I travelled to Italy for 10 wonderful days.

I've travelled to various parts of the world.

Raised and awarded over $25,000 in scholarships and prizes to talented youth.

I finally attended a Miss America Pageant. (My queen placed Top 5)

I quit my job in 2004 and became a stay-at-home-mom.

Found and surrounded myself with wonderful and supporting friends.

Started Sparkle Empowerment Program for Girls which I am so proud of.

Started this blog which I absolutely LOVE.

As a new 40 year old woman, I am still searching for my voice.  I grew up a preacher's daughter and there were certain ways a PK should act.  I know how I wanted to act and sometimes still want to act that way.  However, that's an inner struggle I deal with on occasion. That's a separate blog post.  Actually it could be a book.

Janet is 40+
What I would love to accomplish in my 40s:

Establish a regular workout routine (I'm a bit sporadic right now and am having knee pains)

Eat healthier

Learn to cook healthier food

Become better organized

Travel with my girlfriends which I have never done.

Establish my brand as a blogger, etiquette/protocol expert, or event planner.  I'm still deciding.

Travel to Africa AFTER I learn my true heritage.

Communicate better and more with family members

Give the BEST childhood experiences my children could ever imagine

Be the best wife I can be.

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