Have YOU Thanked A Teacher Today?

I was told to thank a teacher today.  Each time I visit my daughter's Kindergarten class, I don't leave without saying to the teacher, "How do you do this?"  I'm sure she has a Google, as my kids would say, amount of patience.  That is one characteristic I often find myself praying for.  I knew before I had children that this is one thing I would struggle with and I was right.  I am doing better especially now since I have mastered "the look" which stops my children from misbehaving.  Most times anyway.

Tomorrow as I attend the Parent/Teacher conference, I will thank her for all that she does with my child and the 24 others in her classroom.  Other than the notebook/magazine homework the teacher sends home each Monday, my daughter likes school.  Well, unless it's on a day where my nursery schooler doesn't have to go to school, then she gets jealous.  Sitting at a table of five 6 year olds to supervise class craft projects for a short 30 minutes stresses me out.  They don't sit still.  They say the silliest things.  They don't always listen.  I guess it's sort of like my home times 24. 

Thank your child's teacher today.  If it weren't for school, your child would be home with you all day everyday. Now that's a scary thought.

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