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By Guest Blogger: Carline Dumerlin

In college, we made some of the classic mistakes most students make. We didn’t visit our academic advisor, crammed for exams, avoided professors’ office hours, — the list can go on and on. But we learned from our mistakes and this shaped us to be the successful women we are today. We decided to write this book because we know how it feels to be in college and to be clueless about certain things.

College is definitely a defining moment in a person’s life. It’s a time when you start to figure out who you are and what you want to be. We wanted young women to have the inside scoop on topics like: how to study, scholarships,internships, dealing with roommates, being homesick, time management, paying for school, dating, sororities, plus much more. The Miss University Book and the workshops/events we host, aim to empower young women to be successful, to seek out and pursue their passion and to be well rounded global citizens.

Miss University: 101 Tips on How to Keep Your Tiara on While Getting through College is the ultimate reference guide for any girl heading to college. Below are some of the ways to ensure you are ready for college:

You can work independently

Starting college with no remedial courses (or no more than one)

Taking college classes while in high school

Having some sort of work, internship or volunteer experience on your resume

Knowing how to advocate for oneself

Having good time management skills

Being a team player

Possessing good study skills

Having a firm understanding of college finances (financial aid, budgeting)

Note making skills instead of note taking skills

Reading on or above grade level

Knowing academic weaknesses and having a plan to ask for help

Having a general understanding of college terminology (credits, office hours)

Support system(mentor, family, etc)

What can Parents do:

Teach your child time management skills. For example, working on a book report little by little instead of the night before it is due.

Stay in contact with your child’s teacher and guidance counselor so that you can be aware of any academic or behavioral changes

Speak to your child about his or her interests and associate that to a career or college major. For instance if your child loves to write you could have a conversation about a career in journalism, or becoming an author. Whatever you do, don’t limit your child into what you want them to do. Let them choose.

Research programs that will allow your child to earn college credit while in high school. Many of these programs are free or low-cost. Encourage your child to take advance placement courses if they are available

Discuss college finances with your child. Is this college in our budget? They might need to get a loan and need to know why.

Assist your child in applying to college; don’t leave all of the work to teachers or guidance counselors.

Take your child to lunch on a college campus; let them visualize themselves at college

Encourage your child to volunteer or to intern at an organization. This will look great on their college applications. It will also teach them how to balance school and other responsibilities.

Visit college fairs with your child and make sure your child attends any college tours their school is offering

Co Authors: Carline Dumerlin & Martha Binikos-Nieves
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