Add Dance & Nursery School to Auto Bill Pay

Last year, I found myself scrambling to write the checks for my daughter's preschool tuition and dance class last minute.  I never accumulated any late fees when I'm sure I should have a time or two but the stress of remembering last minute minutes before leaving for class was enough on me.  As busy parents, things often slip our minds.  I admit it.  I am now dependent upon my Smart Phone to keep notes for me as well as my phone clock which reminds me when I need to do something or be somewhere.  Between Kindergarten assignments/homework/fundraisers, dance, tennis, nursery school assignments/fundraisers, cooking class, blogging, planning events for my girls empowerment group, church, cleaning, laundry, mommy time, daddy/mommy time, professional obligations/training, travelling and attending events I needed to find an organized way to remember everything.

To stay on top of non-household monthly bills, I signed up for Automatic Bill Pay with my bank.  At the beginning of the school year, I added nursery school tuition and dance class monthly payments to the automatic bill pay.  It is the BEST thing ever!  I'm sure you have it and I hope you use it.  Some of you may not like to participate in online banking.  However, it will save you so much time and stress. It has worked for me and I encourage you to sign up with your bank's online automatic bill payment today.  Those late payments add up quickly.

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