An Invitation to the White House

Last week, I was honored with an invitation to participate in an historic Mom's Briefing, VIP Reception and tour of the East Wing of the White House which is scheduled for this Thursday.  The invitation was extended to the members of Mocha Moms, a support for mothers of color who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families and communities.  After going back to work four months after I had my daughter, I decided to resign from my full-time job after six months back from maternity leave.  My work environment had become hostile and was no longer working mom friendly.  Now that's a group that needs protection.

I joined Mocha Moms while living in Brooklyn, NY for mommy networking.  After moving to Valley Stream four years ago, I joined the Queens Chapter of Mocha Moms which also includes members from Long Island.  As a group, we have Mom's Night Out, book clubs, monthly events for the children, etc.  The spirit of community abounds in this group.  Just last night, the chapter came out in full force to support my Valentine's Day Party.  I was truly honored.

Getting on "the list" was not easy.  In fact, it was stressful.  I first noticed a Facebook status from one of the chapter's leaders letting us know she was going as were other chapter leaders across the country.  I wondered, how can I get in on this? One evening, the invitation was extended to the general membership.  Of all the nights to let my phone die and not charge it as I fell asleep on the sofa, my opportunity had come and gone by the time I woke up at 11 p.m.  I was pretty upset with myself.  I am ALWAYS connected to email, etc.  I then had to remind myself that if it was meant to be it will be.

I reached out to my chapter president to ask her to write a guest post on her experience because I still wanted to document the experience even if it wasn't personal.  A day or so later, I was returning from the mall with my children and just as I walked across the threshold of my door, I received notice that the list had re-opened.  I ran to my laptop to register and made the list. However, the confirmation didn't come until three LONG days had passed.  And now, I too am going to the White House to make history with over 100 other Mocha Moms and VIPs across the country.  Be sure that I will represent my current you well.

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