50 Great Side Dishes + Printable

There's something about cooking side dishes that sends me pretty close to anxiety attacks.  Let me be clear. I can cook. Everyday, my mom who worked outside of the home, would call home at 3 p.m. to tell me and my two sisters to 1) peel the potatoes 2) cut the potatoes 3)boil the potatoes 4) mash the potatoes.  I don't quite know what happened after that.  I do know that to this day I have not mastered the art of mashed potatoes the way my mom makes them.  Lumps and all.  I know it's taboo to have creamy mashed potatoes with lumps, but there's something about those lumps that makes the dish yummy.  My mom is known for her lumps in Toledo.

My "from scratch" repoitoire consists of green beans seasoned with smoked turkey and an occasional potato (cut up of course), and....well, I guess that's all I can think of right now.  My family likes it which is why I continue to make it.  Other side dishes I have mastered are sweet corn on the cob (boil and serve), spanish rice (Goya - boil and serve), and seasoned red skin or baby white potatoes (Lipton Onion Soup seasoning). 

I happened upon Lovely Little Snippets blog while cruising my FB feed.  I am in love with this blog even if I don't read another post.  I'm sure I will though if this is what I'm going to find on a weekly basis.  I already printed this list of 50 great side dishes and plan to print off another copy to place in my handbag for easy access while visiting the grocery store. Personally, I don't consider items 41 - 50 "side dishes" because they're not vegetables, but 40 out of 50 ain't bad.


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