Why My 9 Year-Old Will Not Have a Cell

I ran across this blog post on Blogher and thought it was interesting.  If this were my post, the title would be "Why My 9-Year Old Have A Cell Phone"  I would like to think that until she/he can pay at least half the phone bill my child will be asking your child to use their phone to call me. 

Does your preteen have a cell phone?  Why or why not?

Why I Gave My 9-Year-Old a Cell Phone

by pauline
I swore I wouldn't give my daughter Franny a cell phone until she was thirteen. And whenever my nine-year-old asked, as she had been doing more frequently, "Mom, when can I have a cell phone?" this is what I told her. There were a few reasons why I thought 13 was the magic cell phone number. She'd be responsible enough not to lose it. She'd be old enough to coordinate her own social plans. Her dad got her brother an iPhone when he was thirteen and I wanted to be fair.
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