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I am on such a high that I couldn't wait to tease the new Fitness Friday series coming to  I have never had an issue with weight.  I was a size 4 on my wedding day which was due to the stress of planning a wedding, moving to New York, and planning a pageant in the same month.  However, I have usually fit into a six 6 on any given occasion.  Well, with children you tend to gain a few pounds, especially when you're no longer chasing after them while they're getting into everything. Now that I am just under two months away from hitting 40 it is getting a little harder to maintain that size 6 and right now, a size 8 it is pretty comfortable. 

I have a lot of cute dresses I usually pick up from various department stores that just aren't fitting the same way.  Not only that, I have to look at that little extra flab under the arms.  So with my latest additional pounds, I have joined the Lose It! Challenge at Sportime in Lynbrook.  I have six weeks to lose it and I am already into my 2nd week.  I weighed in at 152 last week which is the heaviest I have ever been in my life.  After 9 days of cardio where I would run/walk for two miles four times last week, participate in Zumba, and cutting back on fast food, fried food, soda, and junk food I am proud to announce that I have already lost 8 pounds in 10 days.  I personally don't see how that is possible, but I can actually tell the difference.  I just hope the scale at the gym is accurate. 
What an inspiration!

Not only are the pounds coming off, but my wallet is getting fatter.  I admit that during the day I would usually pick up something while running errands which eventually ads up.  I'm a SAHM so it's really not necessary to eat out so often.  I do admit that I need my weekly grilled chicken Greek salad from Chicken Delicious with extra dressing on the side.  My body just craves it and I will never deny my body that salad.  Ever.

I'm getting a little wordy so I'll get right to it.  As a former pageant director, I have been privy to some of the secrets of New York's pageant girls and contacted a few of them to share their secrets and methods of getting swimsuit and evening gown ready.  Yes, many of them have not had children yet, which means they don't have stretch marks or baby bearing hips, but two of them have gone through child birth.  There will be something to learn for all of us.  I will also share my weight loss regimen highs and lows along the way and encourage you to share yours.

See you Friday!

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