Money Mondays: Piggy Banks

It's been a super busy weekend complete with tap, ballet, two fundraisers, a Century 21 discovery in Westbury (yay) where we purchased 4 pair of shoes for my daughter.  Her feet are growing like weeds!  I have to admit that Money Monday snuck up on me so instead of a meaty blog post, I wanted to put a little fun into teaching our kids to save money by posting a few cute, affordable piggy banks to put a little fun into saving.

My daughter loves to pay for things be it with a $5 bill she found in her bank that was placed in there by my husband or I, or a quarter.  I heard that she carried her purse filled with coins to the movies and offered to pay for her own plastic toy after a trip to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday in Lynbrook.  She has also convinced my son to give her all of his money.  I need to nip this in the bud right away. 

Fancy Flowers Personalized Piggy Bank - $16.95

Money Savvy Pig - $16.99

Things that Go Piggy Bank - $16.95

Born to be NY Giants Fan Piggy Bank - $27.99
I had to save the best for last.  Go Giants!

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