Fitness Friday - This is What I'm Eating

So it turns out that I have more content than I need to kick off Fitness Friday so as to not bore you, I will keep this brief and continue Part 2 next week.  To tease (in the news way, not nah nah na boo boo way) you a little more about my weight loss which I began last week, I will share some of my lifestyle changes.  As previously mentioned, I knew where I needed to start.  I desperately needed to stop the runs to local fast food restaurants on a daily basis and needed to ease back on drinking soda.  Big time.  I kidded myself into thinking that not eating the fries with the value meal, or as many fries, was a good thing.  I convinced myself that eating the burger was okay.  Boy was I wrong.
I ran across Eat Yourself Skinny on Facebook and immediately found the website which was extremely informative. There is a list of must have items to keep on hand to encourage healthy eating.  I did stray from the list a little but here is a list of items I started with:

2% Milk
Frozen fish (salmon and flounder)
Assorted 100 Calorie Snacks (I have to fight my kids off with these)
Dill Pickles
Boneless Chicken Breasts
Mini carrots
Salsa (I ate a lot of salsa and chips as a snack)
Crystal Light (Pink Lemonade, I don't like diet sodas)
Water (alot of water)

By accident, I don't think I ate any red meat in the first week.  I did have a few other items not on the list such as brocolli, yellow rice, and pizza on Friday.  I basted the chicken and salmon in a homemade honey mustard glaze, both of which are near zero or under 10 calories.  Who knew?  Hubby and I did have a cocktail and buffalo chicken thingies with ranch dressing after we saw Red Tails.  I can have a cheat day, can't I?  I am exercising as mentioned and will let you know details next week.

More of my lifestyle changes will be unveiled next week along with guest bloggers who will be sharing their fitness secrets and tips.  Share you story and email it to me at to be featured on Fitness Friday.

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