Cursing Kids

On last night's Parenthood episode, 13 year old Max who has Aspergers Syndrome which is a high functioning form of Autism, called his mom a Bitch.  I was floored.  I sat there on the edge of my sofa waiting to see how mom was going to react.  She did not react the way I would have reacted.  Well, honestly I don't know how I would have reacted but I'm pretty sure, I think, I would not have reacted the way she did.  Let's make one thing clear.  We do not curse in our household.  My kids think hate and shut up are bad words.  Every now and then a word may slip, but it is not a constant occurrence in our household.  Our friends don't even curse in our presence.  Honestly I don't think any of our close friends curse.  I did have a house guest over a few weeks ago who was very comfortable in using foul language while my child was within earshot.  I was pretty close to asking the guest to stop, but realized our visit was close to ending.  I mean, I mute the T.V. when my children enter the room while I watch Tabitha's Salon Takeover and especially when I'm watching a repeat of Real Housewives.  I know I shouldn't be watching this type of TV while the kids are awake, but I cannot seem to give up certain reality shows.

Up until this year, my eldest has attended both a Catholic and Christian school and is currently attending a public school.  The week before winter break, she asks me if "damn" is a bad word.  Again, I'm floored.  Where is she getting such language?  I told her, yes it is a bad word and we do not use it in our home.  She then quickly asked if she could say beaver dam.  I tell her yes and realize she obviously has been thinking about how to use this word on her 15 minute bus trip home.  I did get it out of her where she learned the word from and it happened to be a fellow classmate who I have come to dislike greatly after she called my daughter a skunk for wearing black and white early into the school year among a few other issues the two have had.  I am now elated to learn that the seating assignments have been changed.  I know I can't stop the other little kids from sharing what they hear in their homes, but I can quickly teach my daughter right from wrong if there are parents out there who aren't teaching theirs.

Do you curse around your children?  Do you discipline your children if they curse?  How?

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