Where Have All of the Bookstores Gone?

Last night after the kids were tucked into bed, I was able to catch the last 1.5 hours of "You've Got Mail" which is probably my favorite movie of all time for several reasons.  It was released in 1998, the year before I met my husband, and many of the scenes take me back to the places in NYC that he introduced me to during my weekend visits from Michigan.  Cafe LaLo was one of them I vividly remember. Not only was it romantic and filled with delectable delights, it was rearranged differently in the movies which disappointed me, but that's Hollywood.  It was still romantic.

While YGM is about a retail chain giant, FOX Books, killing the mom and pop shop, Shop Around the Corner, times have changed.  It's the online stores that are killing the brick and mortar retail giants.  I am very bothered by the fact that the tiny little Borders once in Green Acres was the only bookstore within miles I could take my children to pick and choose what literary delights they could choose to take home after browsing the colorful pages.  It's gone.  I know the Nook is a hot item these days but I am a fan of turning pages and want my children to do the same.

I think now is the time for the mom and pop shops to make a comeback especially since it is difficult to find work for many.  What this village would greatly benefit from is a children's bookstore.  A bookstore where authors could promote their latest release, read it to the children or have a Storybook Lady read in the movie donned in her cute cone hat, and sign it creating an instant keepsake. 

Your thoughts?

Click here for Barnes & Noble Children's Story Time events.  It's all we've got.

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