Oh The Things You Can Do

Good morning!  What a weekend won't you say?  Our Friday began with a birthday celebration for a very special six year old.  My daughter woke up early with the excitement of knowing what lay ahead.  We hosted a mini birthday party for her.  Details and photos coming later this week.  Saturday was a day of preparation for Christmas morning and dinner.  I only had one turkey snafu.  Someone, maybe me, turned off the oven with the turkey in it.  Approximately an hour and a half, maybe two, later the turkey was finished and quite delicious.  My mother-in-law helped with the stuffing.  Now that the big day is behind us, what is there to do to keep the minds and bodies of our children active?

Once again Rockville Centre Recreation Department has scheduled a fabulous list of "to-dos" for children of all ages.  Activities ranging from dodge ball, Lego building, arts/crafts, and many field trips including a trip to Valley Stream's Fifth Avenue Chocolatiere are some of the highlights on the list.  Check out the details below. 

What's on your to-do list this week?

Rockville Centre Parks & Recreation
Holiday Recess Flyer

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