Mattie Cakes Natural Nail Polish + Giveaway

If you have not a clue what to stuff in those cute little stockings hanging from the mantle, I have the perfect solution. Mattie-Cakes®Natural Nail Polish!  Perfect for you organic moms and every girly girl who loves painting her nails.  Believe it or not, this water based polish is made of natural fruits and vegetables.

Mattie-Cakes® Natural Nail Polish is a non-toxic, water based, non carcinogenic, no formaldehyde,  odorless, animal friendly, nail polish for girls and women any age, even toddlers. It is quick drying, water proof, fun, and easy to clean up.  Hundreds of great , beautiful, glitter or no glitter colors. Safe for pregnant women.  No top or bottom coat needed! 
The Long Beach, registered dietitian, mom of three Debra Marino Nail specifically designed this line for pregnant women, children, and women who simply want a non-toxic, non carcinogenic nail polish.  Marino asks that you shake well, use two coats, and keep nails dry for 30 minutes.  To remove the polish,  soak in warm and/or hot watter for 1-10 minutes so the polish can soften.  The polish then peels off like a sticker.  How cool is that?  No more stinky nail polish remover.  Sold!

Each bottle retails for $7 each or you can buy 3 for $18.  Enter the giveaway and you will receive 6 bottles compliments of Mattie-Cakes® Natural Nail Polish.

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