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A few weeks ago, I noticed a new black awning with white script lettering on Rockaway Avenue in place of where Berto’s used to be.  I can honestly say that after moving here December 17, 2007, the restaurant has never looked inviting to me.  I can’t honestly say why, but it just didn’t.  With a new face lift, at least on the outside to my limited knowledge, it piqued my interest placing it high on the list of new restaurants to sample as the revitalization of Valley Stream happens right before our eyes. 

As we approached the building, I got a little nervous after seeing what I thought were white linen tablecloths.  If it were just my husband and I dining, then I didn’t have anything to worry about.  However, our two little ones were with us and I have this thing about taking young children to restaurants with white tablecloths.  I don’t want to hear your kids at the next table while I’m at a fine dining establishment and I don’t want you to hear mine.  Our children have experienced fine dining before, but you never know how your child is going to behave when they find out that chicken fingers and fries aren’t on the menu.  Our kids are 3 and 5 years old so if the formula for a great night out is thrown off by fatigue, deep hunger, and no coloring books, then you have a recipe for disaster.  And I didn’t have coloring books so we played Eye Spy instead.  My daughter also busied herself by spreading butter on every ounce of bread.  Whatever keeps her preoccupied, right?  After a closer look, I noticed that the tablecloths were more of a mustard yellow and weren’t white at all.  I also noticed a few tables with bruschetta and rolls which instantly took me back to our trip to Rome, Florence, and Venice in 2004.  What a trip that was.  I was instantly taken back to that 10 day experience when the host greeted us and took us to the table.  His Italian accent was very heavy which made me say out loud to my husband, ‘I really hope this food is good.’  Don’t you think the heavier the accent, the better the food?  Maybe it’s silly but after inhaling the aromas floating through the restaurant, I didn’t want to be disappointed.

I was not disappointed.  The service was impeccable.  The owner was gracious and friendly.  The bruschetta, which no one else at my table wanted (bonus), was the perfect blend of tomatoes, red onions, garlic, and whatever else is tossed into bruschetta.  If Heaven could fit on a slice of garlic bread, that was it.  The calamari was perfectly seasoned as was the sauce.  My daughter had calamari for the first time and as we watched her pop a baby squid into her mouth, my husband and I looked at each other so as not to prejudice her with our fear of eating those pieces. 

She, however, had no clue as to what she just ate and went back for more.  She noticed us looking at one another and asked, “What?”  We went on about our business.  Have you ever noticed how your children have the same dislikes as you because you didn’t give them a fair chance at forming their own opinion on a dislike that you have?  Marinate on that for a minute.

Both my husband and I were satisfied with our meals.  I did feel that the chicken breasts were a little thin, but there were two so I didn’t go home hungry.  The pesto sauce was something I had never tasted before and it was delish.   After hearing shrimp was a main ingredient in my meal I was a bit disappointed to see them so small.  But the meal was good.  The kids didn’t care for the pizza.  It wasn’t because the pizza wasn’t delicious.  We think it’s because they didn’t want to eat the “green stuff” on it which was basil.  They’re used to chain store pizza. With my daughter being the outspoken one, if she makes a statement of dislike aloud, our son who we nickname “Peter Parrot” quickly agreed with her and either of them barely touched it.

Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience.  Both my husband and I look forward to returning without the children.  Our meal for three (the kids shared the pieces) added up to about $80 plus tax and tip. 

31 Rockaway Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11580
(516) 825-2117

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