Giveaway: NY Moms World Baby & Toddler Bonanza

Wednesday, November 17th - Syosset, New York, 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

If you are a new mom, expecting mom, know a mom, have a mom, live next to a mom, have seen a mom, then this is a great chance to see what all the fuss is aboutand see  all the tons of baby stuff that you need for the little bundles of love.  And yes, there is alot of stuff.   

Expectant moms and moms with toddlers are welcome to join in to learn all about the latest baby gear & accessories, sample some yummy treats, enjoy a virgin mamatini and go home with an overflowing goodie bag! There will be games and crafts as well as pizza to keep older siblings-to-be busy, giveaways, raffles and entertainment! KIDS COME FREE!!!

For complete details on this event, please click here

List your favorite baby trinket/accessory below and become eligible for a comp pass ($30 value/early registration) to this event.  Contest ends 11/6/11.  Good luck!

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Great website... Wanted to leave a comment for the 11/17 event. Favorite Trinket I am looking forward to placing on the baby registry list is the Baby Bullet (the Magic Bullet for baby food). Looking forward to possibly attending this event.

    Take care! - Zuleika