Favorite Things: StinkyKids

Last week, the kids and I travelled to the historic Madame Alexander Doll Company in Harlem for a Mom Blogger luncheon with Britt Menzies, the creator of StinkyKids.  If you haven't already heard of them, StinkyKids is the brainchild of mompreneur Britt Menzies who one day did what all of us moms do everyday.  She answered one of many requests she probably receives in a day be it a request for juice, a snack, or a painting of her daughter as a ballerina. The latter request has proven to be pretty significant turning it into a life-changing experience.

The award winning first book, StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors, is now available for purchase at Barnes and Noble or on www.bn.com.  I read this book to the kids, courtesy of Britt herself, as we laid in my bed with StinkyKid Billy and StinkyKid Britt.  Both the kids and I loved this story which is about Britt, the doll not the auther who is a brunette, soliciting the help of other StinkyKids to help remove the gum from her hair.  Kids and gum are a bad combination so I'm sure you know how this story ends up.  Not giving it away too much, let's just say the way Britt looks on the cover of the is not how she looks at the end of the story.

What I really like even more about the author is that the author shares a similar story as many of us mommy bloggers/mompreneurs.  Britt is a graduate of Florida State University with two degrees — accounting and finance. While she was enjoying a career with a successful Fortune 500 company, that allowed her to travel the world, she had always had a passion for art. The birth of her son inspired her to leave the corporate world and revisit her creative side. Today, a few years and a daughter later, the result is StinkyKids.

Back to biz, this story is so cute that I'm going to purchase the second book, StinkyKids See A Full Moon and have already marked my calendar for March when StinkyKids Musical is scheduled to begin in New York City. 
The multicultural clan of StinkyKids can be purchased on Amazon or Target and don't forget to stay updated on the adventures of Menzies and her StinkyKids on Facebook and Twitter.  I wonder what they'll get into next?  I could probably share some of my stinky kid's stories and see if they make the book.

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  1. Absolutely these are some of the greatest collections for kids. I loved it.