Kathleen Kennedy-Leon - VS Mom of the Month

Kathleen Kennedy-Leon
Every month, I am amazed at the type of women I encounter while out and about in the various events in the community.  Last month, I was contacted by a mom who was spreading awarness for her 17 year old daughter Kaitlyn who was working hard on an adoption awareness event hoping to receive the highest honor ever bestowed upon a Girl Scout, the Gold Award.  Not only was I impressed by both of her daughters, one of whom was reluctant to allow me to take her photo for the blog because I was a stranger and she didn’t know me, but I was also impressed at how energized mom was to support the efforts of her children to strive for higher goals.  Those are definite signs of good parenting.
Kathleen Kennedy-Leon, moved to Valley Stream eight years ago after living in the neighboring village of Hewlett.  She loved that Valley Stream is a working class community and the diversity that is reflected here is that of the real world.  Diversity is also reflected in her home as she is also the mother of a 3 year old son, Sean Eddie, and is the adoptive mother of Kristen, 11, from China.  One her numerous proud moments as a mother is when her daughters used their own money to fund a micro loan Kiva.org to help a single mom and her two girls buy two cows and two goats in a third world country.

Kennedy & Family
On most weekends, you will find Kathleen at either Saf-t-Swim, birthday or family parties, on the softball field, and church.  Whew, that’s a lot!  Wait, that sounds like my weekends.  A few interesting facts about her is that she met her husband while they were both singing Karaoke.  She went back to school to get a Bachelor’s degree when her eldest was just 18 months old and then studied for her Masters of Science soon after the adoption of her daughter at 9 months old.  How did she do it?  Just like your phone carrier’s plan anytime, anywhere, nights and weekends. 
In addition to being the mother of three children, her greatest personal accomplishments are owning two businesses. One is a consulting business which provides imaging centers / private practices with necessary documentation and testing of equipment required to meet State / City Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Safety regulations. Kennedy is also a consultant for the Trump Network. She has just created two websites to promote the products as well as the business.  She is happy to be a .com and .net.  Check her out at  www.idealcustomhealth.com.

If she had more time for herself, you would see her at the gym and the spa.  Isn’t that everyone’s wish?  Especially the spa.  That’s definitely my wish.  Another wish is to award these awesome moms of the month a trip to the spa for.  Planting a seed people, planting a seed.
Similar to what last month’s Valley Stream Mom of the Month stated, Kennedy would love to see a community center similar to Rockville Centre’s facility built/opened right here in Valley Stream to keep kids busy close to home.  Her advice to moms everywhere is to keep your kids busy in activities, sports, and scouting.  Know their friends and be involved in their education.  We have a great school district with many wonderful teacher, however as a parent you need to be on top of what they are doing.  Get involved in the PTA/PTSA or your parish so you know what's going on.  

Well said.  What do you think?

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