"Box Out Bullying" Visits Forest Road Elementary

In honor of Anti-Bullying Month, Forest Road Elementary School taught its student population how to handle themselves if ever the target of a bully.  Recognizing the signs of bullying, showing empathy, and inviting those who are being bullied are just some of the lessons taught during the assembly last month by Box Out Bullying.

To learn more about the program presented by Box Out Bullying, click here.

Statistics show that 43% of us have been bullied online, and teen suicides are on the rise as a way to escape the daily pain and suffering.

Join Sabrina Mastrangelo, Miss Long Island Teen 2012, with Teens United Long Island (TULI), people on a mission to become the region's largest group joined together to put an end to cyber bullying... starting right here on Long Island.  "Like" her Facebook page and take the pledge to save lives, NOT be a victim, and NEVER be the bully!


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