Valley Stream Mom of the Month - Ronni Fare

She is the mother of three beautiful children, Samantha (18), Jessica (15), and Andrew (13) who all attended or are currently attending Wheeler, Memorial Jr. High, Central High School, and Nassau Community College. When you meet her, the first thing one thinks is that there is no way she has three teenagers with one in college! Her personality is upbeat and you can tell she enjoys living life to the fullest. Oh, let’s not forget that she is the First Lady of Valley Stream and married to Mayor Ed Fare.

Ronni Fare has lived in Valley Stream for 34 years and is currently a receptionist for Weight Watchers. Many of you may have met her at a dance recital or on the soccer, baseball, or soft ball field or at wrestling matches, or in the theater as she has some extremely active kids. Her proudest moment of being a mom is when her children exceed her expectations.

L to R: Samantha, Jessica, Mayor Fare, Andrew and Ronni
When she isn’t being a mom, (but really when does that ever happen?), she enjoys reading, enjoying the beach, pool, or relaxing at home watching movies with her family. When asked what her hidden talents were, she left that area blank but this MomPreneur is also a hairdresser and regularly cuts hair. Her favorite part about being a mom is that her children share everything with her.

Her advice to mom’s living in Valley Stream is to take advantage of everything that the community has to offer.

*If you would like to be nominated or nominate someone for Valley Stream Mom of the Month, please submit a photo of yourself and/or of your family.  Photos will be used on and may be used for future advertising and promotions.  All finalists will be invited to attend the Mom of the Month luncheon/dinner where the Valley Stream Mom of the Year will be selected.


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